Da Funk - Weekend Rubdown

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

With a stage-name that puts his sounds into words, and a release titled in such a hip manner, it looks like Da Funk's latest release on Cabrio Records, "Weekend Rubdown", will surprise quite a number of deep house connoisseurs out there once again. Moreover, two suave remixes from Mastercris and Ricky Inch heighten the excitement-factor of this release.

Weekend Rubdown (Original Mix)
We know it's Da Funk's sound when we hear it. Weekend Rubdown, the original mix, is a track packed with saturated leads and bass-work, calm atmosphere, well-reverbed synths, and a vocalesque hook. Weekend Rubdown is the ideal tune for cooling down on a Friday night.

Weekend Rubdown (Mastercris Remix)
An impressive stomping version of the original mix is crafted by a well-respected producer, Mastercris. With the shuffling melodies of the synths and chords, as well as the looped vocal sample, there's no way you would not dance to this track!

Weekend Rubdown (Ricky Inch Galactic 77 Remix)
As always, Estonian producer, Ricky Inch takes things to the next level. His Galactic 77 mix of "Weekend Rubdown" delivers a vast array of melodies all flawlessly integrated together. Inch's musical backbone, the jazzy bassline, and spherical atmosphere are just some of the components that make this track highly-sophisticated!

Da Funk's Weekend Rubdown, together with the remixes from Mastercris and Ricky Inch, is officially out now, so be sure to support this wonderful release!

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