Da Funk- Gloomy Scene (incl. Remixes)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's been around two years since Acryl Music label owner, Da Funk released material on his label. As he breaks the spell, he sends out his latest craft, "Gloomy Scene" fresh from the deep with remixes courtesy of Pablo Fierro, Addex, and GarcyNoise!

Gloomy Scene (Original Mix)
The original mix starts off with heavy rolling basslines from the one and only, Da Funk! With its components filtered all the way and with its vocal samples looping down the line, and not to mentioned the dark atmosphere wrapping the track, "Gloomy Scene" is the perfect soundtrack to welcome back the big boss of Acryl Music.

Gloomy Scene (Pablo Fierro Dub)
Spanish producer, Pablo Fierro takes one for the team with his tropical inspired deep interpretation of "Gloomy Scene". Freshening, calming, and groovy, this is the Pablo Fierro dub!

Gloomy Scene (Addex Remix)
Da Funk's track garners another summery reconstruction in the hands of Romanian producer, Addex. For this track, Addex incorporates glowing chords, stubby basslines, and powerful kicks-- excellent remix right here.

Gloomy Scene (GarcyNoise Ibiza's Way Remix)
Garcynoise appears on the roster as the second Spanish producer. Taking pride for his heritage, he dubs his own remix as "GarcyNoise Ibiza's Way Remix". It's not just pride actually, the title speaks for its own sound--  big-room tech-drenched anthem with strong stab rhythms and filtered vocal samples on the breakdown! GarcyNoise's sound is surprising as always.

Four new excellent tracks on the label! Da Funk is back on Acryl for real.

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