Onur Ozman- Shadow of the Statue EP

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Straight from the streets of Zurich, Switzerland, “Shadow of the StatueEP by the very young and talented Turkish producer— Onur Ozman— is the latest craft Acryl Music has to offer! This EP spawns “Shadow of the Statue” and “Music is Rectangular”, two mint and highly-sophisticated tracks from Onur Ozman.

Shadow of the Statue (Original Mix)
Onur's Shadow of the Statue caters a finely-blended mix of delicate vintage-sounding melodies as well as a groovy bassline built on top of a poignant piano loop. When listening to this track, also check out the fascinating filtered-bass breakdown!

Music is Rectangular (Original Mix)
With a sudden shift to a denser and darker atmosphere, "Music is Rectangular" takes the second and last slot of Ozman's sophomore Acryl Music release. Follow the footsteps of Onur Ozman to the more obscured and haunting side of his productions with "Music is Rectangular"! 

From Acryl Music to the rest of the world--  Onur Ozman's "Shadow of the Statue" EP is now available on your leading download portals!

Soundscapes-exclusive interview with Onur Ozman is now posted! Click here to check out the interview.

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